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Friday, 9 November 2018

What is Technical Education Exactly?

Being an Entrepreneur, I have been visiting several Technical Institutions like Engineering, Diploma and also ITI. Attended several Tech talks. Interacting with the students about Technology is the best thing I have gone through but there are more number of unsatisfied factors with them and of course it will lead to the disappointment for meπŸ˜”.

I always starts my interaction with the Technical students by asking 3 Questions.
1. What is Engineering?
2. Why do you select/joined this Education?
3. What is your Future plan?

The Answers I have received from most of the students is,

* Engineering is a Technical Education/ Technical course.
* To Learn the Technology.
* To got placed in Top Companies.

Those were not the answers that I am expecting from the Professional students.

Is the Technical Institutions really providing the Idea of Technology to the students? Is that in the Right way?πŸ˜•

I will try to explain and give the answers for above 3 questions.

1.  Engineering is not only an Education, Its a Profession.  The students should learn all those things that the corporate level needs. Engineering is the one who creates the engineers and they can do wonders in the field of Technology and Engineers are the only one whole rule the Technology.

2. Joining of Engineering is not to learn the Technology. But to get Trained about Technology.
That the spam of 3 to 4 years of Engineering is the Training period of yours and you should able to give the new Idea for better Technology.

3. You have done 3 to 4 years of Engineering that is the Training period of yours and you are looking for a job in Top companies. The engineering is not about to get the Jobs. Its all about to create the Jobs. You are the only one should get Training of 3 to 4 years about Technology and you are the one who creates the Job oppurtunities. 
          The students has already invested Lakhs together to get trained in the corporate level, Then

# Why those 3 points are not happening here.
# Why the Top companies are asking the students for a separate courses like Java, Testing, Embedded                               
   and all spending some more money and time.
# Why the Top Companies are providing the Training period of 3 months, 6 months and upto one 
# Why the students are not just thinking about to start a product based company and why they are all
   rush to get a job in MNC's.

Because the Lack of Skills and Technical Knowledge. 
Because the Lack of Practical Knowledge.
Because the Lack of HandsOn Training.

Is this is the problem with the Education System? or with the people who educating the students.
The Institutions has to provide maximum number of workshops and HandsOn Training. The Teachers in the Technical Institutions are not supposed to Teach the students. They should Train the Students. Teaching and Training makes very big difference. The Workshops and HandsOn Training will definitely make the students Technically strong and can build their own prototypes from their Ideas. In the spam of 3 years of Engineering they can run a company through that product.

And this is what Vitvaraa Electronics is doing.

Vitvaraa Electronics Private Limited, Door to the world of Technology.
The Main aim is to put the power of Technology in the hands of everyone.
We are trying to bring the Technology into the school level upto the Professional Education like Engineering, diploma and ITI with the help of VIL( Vitvaraa Innovation Lab) and Vitvaraa Inventors Kit.

Vitvaraa Innovation Lab setup in the Technical institutions will help the students to build their own Real time products. VIL converts their ideas into Real time product.

Vitvaraa Inventors Kit will help the school students to learn about the Technology from basic upto the standard level like IOT, Robotics,etc and can build their own Technical projects with the help of Manual and Video Guidance.

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